We are Exist Management!

Our team helps talented people with modern, dynamic, intuitive, creative, ethical representation. We manage and support the talent, artists, and other creative professionals we represent. We promote you, create your brand, build your fanbase, grow your followers, and elevate your career. We make sure people know you exist!

What you think, we become. We apply this concept to everything we do. It’s how we create what you imagine, listen with understanding, and take you where you want to go!

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We Represent

We represent a diverse, eclectic range of talented people, including:

  • Musicians / Performers
  • Designers / Developers
  • Photographers / Retouchers
  • Videographers / DP’s / Editors
  • Producers / Directors / Writers 
  • Chefs / Food Stylists 

Request a Talent: request@existmgmt.com

Submit Your Talent: submit@existmgmt.com

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Our Services

We offer a full range of services, fine-tuned for your specific talent and goals:

  • Representation & Management
    • Just be the talent, while we do the rest: admin, advocacy, negotiation, and more.
    • We will take you where you want to go!
  • Social Media & Media Platforms
    • Grow your followers and engaged fanbase using our proven tools and methods.
    • We make sure they know you and your talent exist!
  • Creative Services
    • Full-spectrum design, photography, and media production for any project.
    • We make sure you and your brand look good!

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